Inefficient document management practices can lead to overflowing filing cabinets and wasted office space. While off-site storage provides some reprieve, the fees associated with storing and retrieving data can be considerable.How do you handle your records? Do you have a plan in place for storing records for 5 years? How about 10 years? And how do you go about storing and saving emails? Does your records management plan call for storing records and documents for 5 years? 10 years? Do you have a records retention policy in place? What about email management? In this world of increasing regulatory compliance, preserving your organization’s information for long-term use and access remains critical to so many industries: government, education, and health care – just to name a few. All businesses need to gain control of human resource and financial records, safeguarding information according to current privacy legislation. EGP Document Solutions offers various technologies to help you manage your preservation needs in today’s ever-changing technology and platform environments. These technologies include: digital imaging, data migration, and back date file conversion. Contact us today to learn how to put an effective ERM policy in place to protect your organizations most valuable asset- information. EGP Document Solutions – Offering Atlanta copiers, printers AND A LOT MORE!