At EGP Document Solutions, we can help you determine not only what kind of printing device you need, but also which printer will help your employees work at their most productive and will work best at the lowest total cost of ownership. By working with you to evaluate your devices, we can provide optimized printing solutions for your functional needs, volume, and budget.Our printers provide a high quality output in stand-alone or network configurations. They offer industry-standard connectivity and work well in Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX environments. Even our desktop and console models can accommodate personal, departmental, high-volume, and production printing.
Key benefits of the printers that we provide:

  • Speed and efficiency: The Instant-on feature allows printers to finish printing many documents before competing devices even finish warming up, all while saving you money with reduced power consumption.
  • Green Printing: Eco-friendly printing is more important than ever. With printers from EGP Atlanta, you can easily reduce wastes while improving productivity.

Contact us today to get the most out of your printing. EGP Document Solutions – Offering Atlanta copiers, printers AND A LOT MORE! Color can affect your emotion and the emotions of your clients and employees. When considering color production, you must remember a few things: the intent of the designer, the reception by the audience, and your ability to output your vision. The actual color on the paper can bring these three areas together and so it helps to understand what emotions colors may invoke.

The Power of Color

Studies show color improves the impact your document has on the reader:

  • Color improves readership up to 40%
  • Color increases comprehension by 73%
  • Color accelerates learning from 55 to 78%
  • Color improves invoice payment response rates up to 30% when used on date and amount due

EGP Document Solutions offers a complete line of color printers, copiers and multifunction systems for business and production color. We can also help you implement color access controls limiting access by user, application or job type. You will have the ability to monitor and track color usage to see where it’s being used and for what jobs. This gives you the information you need to charge back to specific departments or cost centers if desired Knowing how to use color in your printed documents can help you to communicate more effectively. We offer multi-function systems and printers that produce the highest quality color reproduction so you can be sure to create the most effective presentation possible. Your clients will notice.