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Companies regularly devote substantial and unmanaged resources to print-related services. Typically this occurs as a result of undefined processes. Documents allow you to transform raw data into usable knowledge. With Managed Print Services from EGP Atlanta, you will increase your company’s profitability and efficiency by improving the flow of information through your business processes.According to the Gartner Group, office printing consumes 1-3% of a company’s annual revenue, yet most businesses do not have measurable cost controls in place. With managed print services from EGP Atlanta you will be able to control the cost of printing and increase the level of support for end users. You will have the ability to manage and measure your printing and standardize your processes for maximum productivity. In most cases, 30% of the costs associated with printing can be managed by setting effective print requirements. Our Managed Print Services Program gives you control over your printing costs. For one low cost-per-page, we will provide all of the supplies and service for your organization’s entire printer fleet. Regardless the model of printer, our method of printer services will reduce downtime for your network devices.

Gain Better Understanding with Tech Advantage

Many companies are unable to measure print costs because they lack the necessary technology. New print tracking tools make it possible to measure your total cost of printing and allow you to track company, departmental, and even an individual’s use of printing devices. This information can be used to implement cost control strategies and to deploy current equipment in the most productive manner. With Managed Print Services, you will gain a better understanding of your true cost of printing. This knowledge allows you to take advantage of cost-saving opportunities and improve productivity throughout your office. We can help you better understand your print environment through our Managed Print Services so you are able to reduce your printing expenses.

Managed Print Services Can Reduce Costs Through:

  • Reduction of waste through proper device deployment
  • Affordable quality supplies
  • Proper print configurations
  • Improved productivity

We take a quick view of your print environment to measure these areas and show your current printing requirements to illustrate the areas you can improve. With one low price, we can provide total print management for all document devices. EGP Document Solutions – Offering Atlanta copiers, printers and lot More.