A Different Class

Kyocera Education

Budget cuts and financial obstacles may be greater than ever, but organizations are still finding ways of achieving more. One school district in Michigan had to overcome a particularly challenging problem to ensure that its students continued to receive the best possible education available.

With a printer in every classroom of its 39 elementary, middle and high schools, Dearborn Public Schools’ (DPS) fleet of 1,127 print devices was so large that technology staff were stretched too thin to devote time to other projects. They knew that introducing technologies such as digital whiteboards would increase the productivity of teaching staff and empower students in the classroom.

However, with budget cuts, the district could no longer afford capital investment in new devices. Running out of time before the start of the new school year, DPS turned to technology service provider, Center for Business Innovation (CBI) with Kyocera’s devices and software.

CBI discovered that each school typically made up to 2,000 prints or copies a day and that most of the 1,127 devices had not been operating at optimum efficiency for several years. The company recommended replacing the legacy printers with Kyocera ECOSYS MFPs to save energy and reduce noise in the classrooms. The devices would also be able to print and scan in color and, most importantly, could work with the new digital whiteboards.

By placing Dearborn Public Schools on a managed document services contract with a pre-set cost-per-print agreement, CBI eliminated the need for DPS to have capital expenditures for the devices. When the schools reopened in September, the classrooms were ready.

As a result of the project, DPS’s technology staff now have time available to focus on other projects. The schools are expected to save an estimated 14.6% in document imaging technology costs. And, most importantly, learning in the district’s classrooms has been revitalized.”