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Kyocera business apps are powered by HyPAS™ (Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions), a Kyocera-developed software platform that expands your MFP's core capabilities with simple touch-screen operations that address your unique workflow needs. Leveraging this technology, paper documents are cost-effectively routed into an efficient digital workflow, helping you control costs, secure processes and gain the competitive edge.



From the MFPs intuitive display, a user can, for example, scan patient records, courtroom transcripts or mortgage applications to a network folder, providing immediate access to mission-critical files. To increase accountability, a user can be required to swipe a valid ID card to authenticate before accessing Scan-to functions. Controls can also restrict device functions, such as color printing, further driving down the cost of doing business. Kyocera HyPAS™ technology is what makes this, and much more, possible.

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All Kyocera HyPAS™ business apps development is in direct response to the needs expressed by businesses like yours, those seeking process improvements that increase efficiency and reduce operational costs. With trained, certified dealers you can rely on, a professional partnership is formed, one that supports best practices in technology customization and successful solution integration.

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Kyocera Business Applications

Harness the power of Kyocera MFPs with customized business applications. Turn your otherwise complex workflows into simple processes and bring true innovation to your office environment. Kyocera offers apps in all the key areas affecting business today.

  • AccuSender is a simple, secure way to send large scanned documents to multiple destinations via e-mail from select Kyocera MFPs.
  • CentraQ Pro enables users to improve document security and gain control over data and printing costs.
  • Cloud Connect enables users to easily print from and scan directly to the cloud from select Kyocera MFPs.
  • DM Connect automates your document driven business processes to help lower costs and improve operational efficiency.
  • DMS Link is an embedded solution for select Kyocera MFPs that provides indexing, barcode recognition, optical character recognition and storage to existing Document Management Systems or a shared-network folder system.
  • Exchange Connector allows users to scan hardcopy documents and send them as user-identified email attachments to multiple recipients directly from the MFP.
  • Google Connector seamlessly enables users to access features of their google account right from the MFP.
  • HomePoint users can scan to, browse and print from their network home folder directly from the MFP control panel.
  • Mobile Print empowers users to access and print important documents from almost anywhere.
  • PinPoint Scan is an easy to install and simple to use scanning application that creates an end-user managed peer-to-peer scanning environment, using HYPAS-enabled network connected Kyocera MFPs.
  • SharePoint Connector allows users to index and store documents directly to their existing SharePoint document libraries for instant collaboration company-wide.
  • Teaching Assistant is an embedded application for select KYOCERA MFPs that simplifies the task of creating, printing, collecting and analyzing multiple-choice test results using popular bubble-sheet forms. Tests can be created on-the-fly.


Electronic file sharing is common practice among most businesses today. However, many email servers have size restrictions for sending and receiving email, causing loss of employee productivity when sending large hardcopy files and potential delivery failure. KYOCERA's AccuSender powered by Biscom business application effectively addresses this issue by allowing users to scan and send those documents quickly and easily with no size limitation from their KYOCERA MFP. And it all happens through one intuitive application, using Biscom Secure File Transfer, E-mail, or Fax.

Organizations in highly regulated industries such as Legal, Healthcare, Finance, and Government are all too familiar with the potential costs of unsecured documents. Regulatory, contractual, and legal requirements can make sharing documents a worrisome task. AccuSender powered by Biscom allows administrators in these industries to feel confident with their file sharing solution by meeting their unique needs such as:

  • FIPS certified at-rest encryption for HIPPA and SOX compliance
  • Local court requirements such as Bates Stamping and PDF-A
  • User defined ability to control access to confidential documents

With AccuSender, users can take advantage of quick delivery speed of files; oversee download and tracking status, as well as setting expiration dates on sent files. AccuSender provides users with a fully customizable experience that maximizes worker efficiency across the organization.

  • Scan and e-mail large documents without restrictive e-mail server size limitations
  • Highly secure SSL encrypted transfer of scanned documents safeguards confidential information in transit
  • Government FIPS certified 256-bit encryption protects files at rest in the cloud or on-premise server
  • Barcode routing sheets generated directly from the MFP by the user streamline workflows
  • Document stamping, including Bates stamping, addresses court compliance requirements
  • Delivery confirmation ensures receipt of scanned document
  • Flexible send option allows the selection between an LDAP look-up, recent e-mail, fax destinations or send-to-self

*AccuSender is a trademark of Kyocera. *Biscom is a trademark of Biscom, Inc.