Your business holds a lot of important intellectual property. Without properly securing this information you can lose productivity and financially ruin your business or your clients. There is too much to be lost to not sufficiently secure your documents. Multifunction systems are powerful assets for your business, and can be the single highest volume piece of equipment in the office through the scanning, copying, printing and faxing massive amounts of confidential information every day. Because of the high complexity of technological features and high volume of confidential information, multifunction systems need a high level of protection. We can help you secure your business’s most important financial information, intellectual property, trade secrets and client information through multifunction security features and electronic storage components. With technology from EGP Atlanta, it is easy to control the access of your important information and still allow maximum productivity within your business. To learn how to properly secure your business, contact us now. EGP Document Solutions – Offering Atlanta copiers, printers AND A LOT MORE!