Green Solutions

Many companies are looking for practical ways to cut costs and help the environment. Typically, in a tight economy, it is difficult to adopt green initiatives because of their expense. However, with a few simple adjustments, your company can effectively cut costs and significantly help the health of the environment.With tools from our technology partners Kyocera Mita, Ricoh and fmAudit, you can create a sustainable office that uses resources efficiently and reduces costs.

Utilize Efficient Devices

Today’s advancements in technology provide many options to help conserve the earth without greatly altering your daily printing habits. Whether you are looking to reduce paper usage or save on electricity costs, devices from any of our partners will help you create a green office. With Energy Star certifications and fewer non-recyclable materials, new machines provide environmental benefits beyond their own lifecycle.

Reducing Paper Usage

The average office employee consumes over 10,000 pages per year. This costs companies an average of $1500 per employee. Cutting paper usage not only reduces expenses, but it also helps the environment. Today’s devices offer many features to help decrease the amount of paper used in offices. Whether you create default setting to automatically duplex print, or enable scan to email features instead of faxing, your office can greatly cut paper usage and therefore leave more trees in our forests.

Toner Recycling

The production of inkjet and laser printer cartridges numbers in the hundreds of millions each year. Through recycling, we have the ability to save over four million cubic feet of landfill space by processing them for reuse. Our manufacturers have made great advancements in toner production and recycling to ensure wastes are reduced and materials are reprocessed into new cartridges. Therefore, by sending your cartridges back to the manufacturer, you can help ensure less wastes gets into our landfills.

Consolidate Printer and Copier Devices

Copiers and printers have to use heat to fuse the toner to paper. In order to produce the heat necessary, large amount of energy must be consumed. The average office copier consumes 285 KWh of electricity each month and an average printer consumes 49 KWh each month. This means a company with 10 copiers and 50 printers spends about $6,000 a year powering these devices. Many companies have realized that they can consolidate printer and copier devices with Energy Star certified multifunction systems. The smaller printer fleet requires less energy to operate, but is still optimized to handle document volumes. This can easily save about $1,500 in electricity costs each year. Combining environmentally friendly office practices with the latest technology can help your company go green. Contact us today to learn more about how you can benefit from our green solutions.