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Atlanta Copiers

Atlanta Copiers

Atlanta Copiers

In today’s busy office environment, having the right copier can mean the difference between being efficient and getting bogged down in the details of a project. If you’re looking for a fast photocopier with high image quality, the TASKalfa 3550ci is a good option. With this color copier, you can produce professional images in-house with a resolution of 600 x 600 dots per inch (dpi).

The toner produces 15,000 color images before running out of ink. The amount of color images you can create with this copier is good; however, other copiers in this price range can produce more. It comes with a variety of color modes, from auto and full to single, so you can modify your images depending on the client’s or your company’s needs.

This office copier has a great duty cycle of 175,000 images per month. This volume is higher than some other copiers in its class, which means you’ll be able to get more use out of it without the risk of the copy machine breaking down.

With a copy speed of 35 pages per minute this machine can get through big projects in no time. Plus, it only takes 25 seconds to warm up, so you won’t have to wait long before getting started on your work.

With a 7,150-sheet capacity, this copy machine can pack away a lot of paper, which means you won’t have to constantly re-load when multiple people in your company are using the machine. Your projects will always look original and professional because this copier is capable of printing on special paper sizes and it supports a variety of media.

It offers additional convenient features such as repeat and mirror image, page numbering and security watermark along with basic functions like print, scan and optional fax. However, it lacks some of the add-on special features that are found in many other copiers in its class.

The biggest downside of this copier is that it doesn’t include security features. This might not be that big of a deal if you have a home office, but for a small to midsize business, security features can be crucial. The company does give you the option of adding these features to the copier, however they’re an added cost.



KYOCERA Document Solutions-Copiers Atlanta

March 2, 2015

KYOCERA Document Solutions Wins the WorldStar Award of the World Packaging Organization

The new gauge detects impacts on a product’s packaging during transportation

WordStar2015Osaka, Japan – March 2, 2015 –KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce that a new style shock gauge developed by the company has won the WorldStar Award in the Electronics category in the WorldStar Competition*1 organized by the World Packaging Organization (WPO). This is the seventh consecutive award and the ninth overall for the company.


The global competition is fought among the winners in a product packaging contest in each country*2. The WorldStar Awards are prestigious international prizes given in recognition of excellent quality of packaging evaluated for environmental compatibility, economic efficiency, and originality of packaging materials. The award ceremony will take place during IPACK-IMA 2015, the international trade fair for processing and packaging, to be held in Milan, Italy from May 19–23, 2015.

A shock gauge is widely used in the transportation of precision equipment to ensure delicate handling. A large impact on a package will spread coloring over the gauge, and thus raise awareness of carriers and the quality of transportation. The new-style shock gauge developed by KYOCERA has a larger and more visible colored surface compared with conventional shock gauges. From an environmental standpoint, the new shock gauge uses water-based flexographic ink*3 to color the cardboard. In addition, the gauge employs a simpler structure, enabling easier and more economical production. The company will continue improving the production of stable color for any specified impact, employ the new shock gauge for the transportation of A3 MFPs in the U.S., China and Europe, and expand their usage further.


  • This single shock gauge detects impacts on two adjacent surfaces.
    An impact on one side triggers a whole color change on the gauge, producing excellent visibility.

All packaging materials used in the shipment of products developed by the Company are internally developed and designed, winning high reputation at home and abroad for its excellent technology. The Company will further continue its efforts to deliver the printers and MFPs safely to the customers all over the world.


*2 The new shock gauge won the Electric Equipment Packaging Award in the Japan Packaging Contest 2014. The Japan Packaging Contest is the nation’s largest competition in the field of packaging. The event is organized and held every year by the Japan Packaging Institute with the aim of promoting development and expansion of high-quality packages and packaging techniques across the country.
*3 Water-based flexographic ink is supposed to contain substantially low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and thus is environmentally superior compared to conventional ink.


About KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc.

KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. headquartered in Osaka, Japan is a leading manufacturer of document imaging solutions and document management systems, including color and monochrome multifunctional products and printers and wide format devices. KYOCERA’s products are renowned for their unique long-life imaging components that provide greater reliability, less waste – resulting in a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over the life of the product.

The KYOCERA Document Solutions portfolio does not stop at hardware. A full suite of business applications and consultative services allow customers to optimize and manage their document workflow, unleashing the full potential of their hardware investment. KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. is a core company of KYOCERA Corporation, the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of advanced ceramics and associated products, including telecommunications equipment, semiconductor packages and electronic components. During the year ended March 31, 2014, KYOCERA Corporation’s net sales totaled 1.45 trillion yen (approx. USD14.1 billion).